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1. RebirthRO Ragnarok Online Private Server
RebirthRO free ragnarok online Private server New renewal 3rd jobs Rebellion - Kagerou - Oboro server named Thor 100/100/10/2. Two classic servers: Loki 100/100/20 and Eir 5/5/3 . 1000+ players online. 100,000+ active players. 100 secure website. Free Pok

2. L2Retail
New [High Five] 15x - Become first HERO! - TvT Event, Gold Bars System, Wedding Priest, Limited GMShop, NPC Buffer, Global Gatekeeper, Custom NPC, Premium Account, DropCalculator online, Rewards for vote, AntiBot System, Ddos Protection, Achievement syste

3. Cantr II
Cantr II is a free browser based role-playing game which allows you to simulate society. You can be a pirate, politician, warrior, explorer, or whatever you can come up with. In addition, you have 16 languages to choose from! Everything player made.

4. Metin2 Demonic Storm
2011 Metin PVP Private Server - No Lag - Dedicated Server - 97% Up Time - No Bugs - 3 PvP Arenas- Legendary Items - Full Working Quests - High Rates - Dedicated Staff - Daily Events - Join us today! 2013 new update

5. Turbo WoW x100

6. LMS Perfect World
1.4.7 PvP and PvE Servers with latest content High rates, customized and 1.3.6 PvP Server with latest and lots of custom content, no downtimes! Start with great gears. Stable work since 2008, One of the oldest and stable PW server, Great community, Profes

7. Veritas-PW
Old good 1.3.6 on the kernel version 1.4.6 Z of the race! Balance of classes! We do not have double and extra skills, handmade gear and megata. Ability to collect -99 singing and 5.0 attack speed. New locations, dungeons. Hoar-frost, Cube, Arena. A lot of

8. RoseMS low rate server

9. AmericusCraft - Top Minecraft Gaming
AmericusCraft is a free minecraft survival server. Server is running version 1.7.2. Free to join. Build anything you can think of.

10. Lycan Metin2 - Reborn 2016
Midschool Server Lycan Metin2 2016, Rates 1000x, Max LvL 105, Active Lycan Character, New maps, New items, Multy events, No lagg, Itemshop, Great staff, New adventure. Join now

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